Here’s Why We Decided to Make
The IoT Innovator Summit Invitation-Only
October 15, 2019
We’ve been to a lot of IoT events. A lot. And what we’ve found is that many of them fail to deliver value to IoT decision-makers. Sales pitches on every stage mean you’re not actually learning valuable information, and huge attendee lists mean it’s impossible to separate serious players from the dreamers when you’re networking.
So we took a hard look in the mirror and asked ourselves, “What would we do differently if we were organizing our own event?” The answer was essentially, “Everything.” 

Instead of planning a mega-event with a huge number of attendees in a giant convention center, we wanted to bring incredibly interesting people together in an intimate setting, to share knowledge and make friends.

So in the fall of 2020, we’re going to try something new. Here’s the elevator pitch:
Sixty hand-selected IoT decision-makers.
A handful of truly groundbreaking keynotes.
One memorable networking experience.
Zero sales pitches.
What does that actually mean?
It means a few things, like limiting the number of attendees at our event to only 60 people. But most importantly, it means we’re moving away from the traditional conference format: we’ll have a single-stage, hosting just a handful of talks.

During the rest of the time, we’ll be creating interactive opportunities to network. Not your normal “grab a beer and make awkward small talk” kind of networking, but real opportunities to dive deep with your fellow attendees. 
Combine all this with our hand-selected attendee list, a VIP lounge, and awesome afterparty, and you’ll be going hard on the networking while hardly working.
There’s only one catch
To achieve everything we just promised you, we had to make The IoT Innovator Summit an invite-only event. A networking-focused, small event like this is a massive balancing act that requires us to know our audience as well as possible and to be able to filter where necessary. It’s the only way to ensure that everyone in attendance is getting the best return from the precious time that they’ve invested.
That means before you can buy a ticket, you need to complete an application.

If your profile fits, we’ll release a ticket to you – and we encourage everyone to check out the Eligibility section of our FAQs page before they apply. It’s a comprehensive resource of the sort of individuals that we had in mind when we envisioned our event.

Your application isn’t just a way for us to decide who is or isn’t right for The IoT Innovator Summit – it’s also a trove of data points that will allow us to make sure our event serves you as best as possible.

Your answers about the technologies affecting your industry, as well as your professional expertise and interests are all fed into a dashboard. This allows us to curate our content to your answers and ensure there is a good mix of attendees and speakers with the right skills.
If you're interested in joining us, apply to attend